March 2018 Seminars

March 2018 Seminars

We have 4 sets of 1 hr seminars throughout the day on Saturday, both for adults/youth, and for children ages 6 - 12.  


1. Being a Witness for Christ in Ottawa (Bob Zimmer , MP)

2. Discipling Men in a Deeper Way (Various presenters from Disciple Christian Motor Cycle Club)

3. First Nations Ministry- the Why’s and the How’s (Philip Lee, SIM)

4. Tradesmen Preaching Jesus (John and Betsy Troyer, Trades4Life)


1. Empowering Cooperate Prayer (Rob Parker, National House of Prayer

2. Praying for Believers in Difficult Places (K. Fehr, Christar)

3. Pass me Another Brick (Marlowe Janke, Men for Missions)

4. The Truth, the Light and the Way – to Freedom!! (Institue of Biblical Counseling International)


1. Corporate Prayer - Rob Parker will lead the churches of Fort St. John in prayer as one body for Canada and Missions.


1. No Place Left (Nate Miller, I am Second)

2. Let the Children Come, Reaching Children Here in Canada (Melissa Cook, Child Evangelism Fellowship)

3. Community Transformation Through the great Commission - (Marcel Janzen - World Serve)

4. Answering Best Questions with Integrity (Gary Pryzner, Camp Sagitawa)