March 2019 Seminars

Story Telling: Using oral Bible storytelling tools for evangelism and discipleship.
Tim Hermiston; Ministry to the Middle East

Your Muslim Friends: Sharing the life of Jesus with Muslims.
Steve McElroy; Overseas Missionary Fellowship

Fear Not—Isaiah 41:10: Fear keeps you from enjoying God’s promises.
Pastor Jarman, Haiti

Adoption; Our Love Story: When we opened our home and hearts to adoption,
God began to reveal what our love story would look like.
Tyler Giesbrecht

Glimpses of the Future: What does the new persecution look like in China and
does it point us to end times? An open discussion into what might be ahead.
Brian Rushton, World Serve

Compelled to Love: Walking alongside those facing unplanned pregnancies.
Mary Yurchenko; North Peace Pregnancy Care Centre

Life Model Groups/Thrive Today: Sharing how Life Model works and info on
prayer ministry for working through hurts and trauma.
Kathy Walker; Peace Country Renewal Ministries

Taking Your Nation for God:
Darryl Wright; Emblaze Ministries

Breaking the Ties that Bind: We will explore some of the reasons that keep us
from experiencing the abundant life, and how to find the freedom that Jesus promised.
Eileen Peters—Institute of Biblical Counselling International 

You are Richer than You Think : Are we as men ready to do anything, go anywhere,
give anything God asks?
Marlow Janke; Men for Missions

Turning Strangers into Friends: Examining Scripture regarding believers’ responsibilities
to the strangers moving into our communities.
Harold Klassen; PALM

Equipping Men with “Needful” Things: Godly tradesmen mentoring young men; Stories from Belize.
Trades4Life; John & Betsy Troyer

Teaching Overseas: Learn about the needs and opportunities in national and international schools. 
Harold Penner; Wycliffe

Kingdom Partnerships—Helping Local Church Ministry Partnerships:
Practices that make for a healthier way of partnering.
Greg Laing—C2C MB Mission

Reaching Children With the Gospel & Discipling Them: Strategies for reaching children
with the Gospel and what discipleship can look like in the church. 
Leigh McGough; AWANA